Prevention and Mouth Care

Advantages of oral hygiene for health

  • Avoid mouth diseases
  • Preserve teeth and gums
  • Helping to chew well all kind of food
  • Have a clear pronunciation
  • Keeping a smile full of energy!

When should I be seen by the dentist?

  • At least once a year
  • Since the eruption of the 1st tooth

What else are teeth for?

  • For laughing
  • For chewing
  • For speaking
  • For falling in love
  • For travelling
  • For studying
  • For working
  • For talking

What is the best diet for teeth?

  • Simple, varied and balanced
  • Avoid eating sweets out of mealtime

When to change my toothbrush?

  • Every 3 months

Should floss be used?

  • Yes


  • Change every new season
  • For toothbrushing, use the 2x2x2 technique
  • Twice a day;
  • 2 minutes toothbrushing;
  • 2 hours without eating after brushing and main meals


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