Preventive Medicine and Periodontology

Preventive medicine

This part of dentistry: Detects, Recommends and Prevents. Value your mouth. Yours from our mouth is a very important key to overall health!

Everything we eat passes through the mouth!

When we communicate through the speech of a smile or a grimace, we use our mouth!

Breathing, although limited or improperly, is also done through the mouth!

As in childhood, prevention in adults should be done every six months. Surveillance in this period of time allows you to detect any adverse factor that is about to set in, or a traumatic event, or simply guarantees that everything is normal and that for another six months you will be relaxed about your oral health. A scaling and a good dental polish are the guarantee of a firm pink gum and a fresh and pleasant breath.

We sing using our mouths, we love using our mouths. Heavens, how many functions for such a small cavity. Therein lies its great importance!

Preventive Medicine detects:

Disease, fractures, periodontal disease, caries – caries is formed from the bacteria Streptococcus mutans, which proliferate in the presence of the accumulation of food residues rich in sugars and in the biodegradation of these sugars these bacteria produce and release acid that attacks and disorganizes the structure crystal prismatics

Hydroxyepatite that composes Enamel and successively Dentin, which is a mineralized, avascular tissue, permeated by tubules and intrinsically moist. Its basic composition has been described as being 70% by weight of inorganic components, mainly apatite crystals, 20% of organic components, mainly collagen.

Therefore, we realized how important it is to keep dentin and enamel free from plaque and this has to do with hygiene and food hygiene.

The timely detection of fractures is one of the situations that will allow the patient to resort in time to recover from the situation.

It can start with accumulation of tartar that causes gingivitis (inflamed gums almost always bleeding), the aggravation leads to loss of ligaments, accompanied by bone loss and with the formation of a pocket that favors accumulation and leads to the aggravation of the disease, advancing to the situation of tooth mobility.

The habits of each one and the consequences of these habits deserve counseling and an indication of future consequences that will allow the patient to coherently and responsibly adhere to the proposals.

Tooth erosion is a serious situation, which has to do with serious occlusion problems associated with inconvenient habits and premature loss of teeth, and more.

Tartar accumulation


– Failures in hygiene, in the use of dental floss, brush, or even bad brushing technique.

– Good food hygiene (do not consume excess sugars, carbonated drinks, and do not use excess acids or foods that are too soft. Chewing is a prophylactic way of stimulating the pressure receptors present in the ligaments that stimulate the mouth’s defenses in different ways.

– Correction of habits with disastrous consequences.


– The aggravation of factors and allows a safe and timely intervention.

– The ignorance of risk factors

– The formation of bacterial plaque, which in itself favors the formation of acids that attack and destroy the structure of enamel and dentin.

– Education regarding harmful habits

– The demonstration and counseling of correct dental hygiene


Periodontitis is a disease affecting 50% of the world population and manifesting in different age groups. It comes from the aggravation of gingivitis and results in the loss of ligaments and the progression of the inflammation towards the apex of the tooth, with consequent gingival retraction and progressive bone loss. Teeth with loss of support gain mobility.

In the early stages, it is possible to regress the lesion through gingival shortening or in a more advanced state, through scaling and bone replacement surgery.

But this implies the installation of new habits at various levels and therefore not always successful.

When mobility reaches a certain degree, loss is inevitable and the use of a prosthesis is a derivative of great strength.


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