MFL Dentária has great respect for the children’s well-being and highly values your child’s oral health, and it will do so to help you to take the right approach.

“Your children’s health in good hands”

Preventive Method

The actions will be prophylaxis (applications of fluorine and fissure sealants). Monitoring of tooth eruption to prevent, at the right time, the aggravation of difficulties in the correct placement of the definitive dentition.


Intervention Method

Need for treatment with recovery of affected teeth. Early expansion interventions to prevent crossbite and lack of space for permanent teeth placement.

Caries in deciduous or permanent teeth, perforating caries with or without symptoms. Where medicine can intervene and create good immediate and future prospects.

Cavities arise due to lack of correct oral hygiene and lack of a convenient diet, aggravated by the existence of addictions and bad habits.

How can you prevent early childhood caries?

– Watching and instructing children for good hygiene and encouraging them to avoid interim meals, especially at night in bed.

– Helping the child to do a good brushing and make them understand that the fact of keeping an integrated and healthy dentition will give them a proper teething and just because of that, a good acceptance in society.

A beautiful smile makes the person noticed and admired

It is very important to give the children confidence that all the actions taken on their health and aesthetics will help other people to admire them and accept them as an important element.

Childhood caries is often the first reason for discouragement in relation to oral health.

Children are not prepared to accept pain and suffer pain when they want to sleep or during a meal, especially when it prevents them from enjoying the dish of their choice. This conflict creates a bad relationship with these organs in the childhood and usually leads them to ignore the teeth and devalue them.


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