Removable and fixed prostheses

Removable and fixed prostheses

IT IS THE DISCIPLINE OF DENTAL MEDICINE that deals with the rehabilitation of missing teeth or teeth in poor condition to allow the mouth to function properly, whether in terms of its aesthetic, masticatory or phonetic functions. No one doubts that a convenient smile is a passport to acceptance and may even prove to be a form of inclusion, as well as an inevitable path to good socialization.

PROSTHODONTICS is divided into two large groups


Dentures that have the indication to compensate for the loss of teeth, (partial or total) being the most basic solution. Normally well tolerated by many patients, it causes several problems, (gingiva retraction subsequent to its support; gum retraction free of adjacent teeth; root exposure; consequent bone loss that later or sooner may lead to tooth loss). In this group we can still consider several options:


Flexible prostheses, which are made of injectable silicone and contain no metal frame. It’s more aesthetic than ordinary removable dentures and also more comfortable. However, its aesthetics are compromised in limited time when there are smoking habits, red wine, coca cola or pigmented beverages and coffee, due to its porosity. Adding teeth and repairing this type of denture is contingent and when they need repair, it is complicated by increasing costs.

Removable Partial Dental Prosthesis in cobalt chrome or titanium is usually well tolerated by patients. Its occlusal supports and balanced hooks give good retention and successful stability. This prosthesis is formed by a metallic structure that, being well executed and adjusted in a convenient way and respecting the rules of occlusion, are a satisfactory way to cover the losses. Metal clips can be against your esthetics although there is the possibility of placing esthetic hooks in areas that compromise your smile with your esthetics.


For situations in which the difficulty in supporting the prosthesis safely and comfortably is due to the characteristics of the bone or the lack of bone or lack of adhesiveness, the solution may be the placement of implants that support the locators ( ) which in turn serve as a fitting and support for the prosthesis fitted with the corresponding fittings. ( )

We are talking about OVERDENTURES  Fully removable prosthesis and very satisfactory stability.



In this type of prosthesis, as the name predicts, it will be fixed, replacing or strengthening teeth and maintaining the functionalities. Being well-fitted and respecting the correct levels of dental positioning, this type of denture has a desirable tolerance and comfort and replaces both missing teeth and teeth with loss of anatomy, which present aesthetic defects or change in color.

In this large group we will have to consider several subgroups that have to do with the amount of elements and also with the form of support of these same prosthetic elements.

Let us consider that we intend to rehabilitate a tooth that is anatomically diminished, its shape is altered and its weakness can be even worrying, or even its aesthetic undesirable.


In this 1st demonstration, we consider the case of facets, which are used to cover wear or color changes, to close diastema or even to cover up previous bad positioning of one or more teeth that jeopardizes the freedom to smile and even laugh in such a therapy necessary for the behavioral balance of each person.

With a simple wear on the anterior face, retention is achieved for gluing small lithium or porcelain veneers and the result is surprising. Its durability depends a lot on the habits and addictions of the patient concerned.

Inlays – onlays – overlays

We should also consider the possibility of making restorations with porcelain that aim to recover a decayed or fractured tooth area.

Full Cover Crowns

We will attend to the need to cover a tooth with a crown if it is damaged, but the root offers us good support for the crown.

This type of fixed prosthesis, which is more consistent than the previous one, has to do with an extensive or almost complete loss of the tooth’s crown. Thus, depending on the situation, the crown may rest on a tooth stump or on a false one (made in the laboratory that will reinforce the implantation of the crown.


BRIDGES  replacing missing teeth.

This type of prosthesis is called Maryland and, having several conditions, it serves certain conditions: restricted spaces and relative masticatory effort.


In the absence of a tooth or several alternating teeth, the possibility of adjusting crowns to teeth that limit the space may be considered and, in the total part of the piece, the missing tooth or teeth may be included.

In this case, the option could have been bridges over implants, if the teeth were in good condition or intact. In case they are teeth with anatomical defects or placement and even coloring, opting for a covering of them and serving as a support for the bridge will be a very valid solution, after a very careful evaluation.

Immediate charge

It is the type of prosthesis that is made when there is a need to recover the esthetics immediately and it can be addressed after a careful study of the conditions of the area to be rehabilitated, with complementary diagnostic aids and even with an opening with the patient that allows for understanding the reasons for the loss and the need to control habits and dysfunctions, so that the work is successful, clearly there is a need to adjust procedures.

The placement of implants can be immediate to extraction or later. Sometimes there is a need to reinforce the area to be implanted with bone that can be autocne or biological or even a mixture of the two.

– Safe and comfortable
– Viable form of rehabilitation allowing:
– Good Aesthetics
– Good Functionality
– Ease of adaptation
– Adequate hygiene facilitated by the smooth and poorly retentive structure.
– Rehabilitation with implant crowns or bridges supported in Zirconium and Porcelain). Perfect aesthetics, great durability and adequate functionality.


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